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Life Shenanigans

Life Shenanigans

Hello, girl... it's been a while.

It has been a while. I’d say almost 6 months of hibernation in an undisclosed location. Might not be good for her but she was preserved nicely.

Of course as you can see in the photos, I was talking about my car. My S2000 that I picked up in 2012 from Washington State. Before this I had the mighty Evolution VIII that I sold to one of my good friends without even planning on it. Literally, he said, “I got a loan for your car, want to sell it?” I thought fuck it and said bye. It was after all going to a good home. He still has it.

Back to the car in hand. I always think that the right car to have, the right car to love is the one where you stepped out from and you look back two or three times before you walk away. Same as any other relationship I guess. This car is not as fast or not as beefy as all the others I have but she is sleek and sexy, light and agile. Corners like magic and saves a little bit of gas too. Impractical on most situations but totally makes up for it by being reliable and hassle free. Of course with the current modifications done to it, it is limited on the areas it can go to but I can live with it.


It’s always amazing to re kindle the flame. It’s always amazing, the feeling of joy and mindlessness when driving this car. You and the road, the road and you. No driving aids like modern cars so you feel the road all over your body. It rattles, it shakes, it jumps on uneven road conditions, it’s just pure unforgivable bliss.

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