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Life Shenanigans

Life Shenanigans

Don't worry... We're here to help JTree

OJ’s Rig on a dry lake bed in Joshua Tree

…. in a way.

With all these things happening to the world, nature is always my sanctuary. The ocean, the forest, the desert, all of them, as what Maria Kondo would say, “Brings me joy.” In recent times, with the government shutdown and all happening late/beginning of this year, state parks were hit immensely. No pay to upkeep the parks, and for ignorant people (especially tourist) that just have no regards to the environment. Throwing their trash absolutely everywhere they can and even destroying wildlife as what happened to Yosemite earlier this year. Absolutely unacceptable.

We try to do our part and help clean up what we can. Last weekend, my buddy OJ, my girlfriend Jassica, and I ventured out to one of our favorite spot in California, Joshua Tree. Working in collaboration with a group of Overlanders, offloading community, we picked a spot in Joshua Tree that were littered by trash from years and years of disregard and tried to do our part and clean up a bit. In a span of a couple of hours we filled up 2 industrial sized dumpsters hauling mattresses, refrigerators, tons and tons of shotgun shells, and even parts of cars and what not. It’s insane how people just leave their trash in the middle of the desert. I mean, C’mon… tampons and feminine hygiene products?

The offloading community did their work and also, of course had some fun running on the dry lake bed/desert going end to end combing the trash out of the land. I’m sure there’s tons left off but with the two days that we were in the area, we hoped that we did a little bit of impact. Every thing counts. Even the smallest thing. Let’s be aware of our trash and our surroundings and keep this planet, the only one we have… so far, clean and beautiful. We can all help. We can all succeed.

The day ended with a few beers and a nice chat around a fire. Spent the night camping out which may or may not be a smart idea at the time… it was ridiculously cold. My girlfriend was definitely not prepared for this. After the gentleman that I am donating my warm socks to me lady, I just endured the chill and try and have a good night sleep. It was elusive but I got a couple of hours of shut eye. It was all worth it with for the sight of the new day. Always an epic sunrise in Joshua Tree. Just can’t beat it.

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