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Life Shenanigans

Life Shenanigans

Relaxation Guaranteed


At the most, this is by far, probably one of the most relaxing lunch hour.. ever.  I guess maybe if someone is massaging you and giving you a back rub, that'll amplify this experience but for now, this is by far the most relaxing lunch hour.

Let's face it.  Lunch time is never really a relaxing time.  You get an hour, and some unfortunate enough getting 30 minutes max and go back to a stressful work day.  But an hour or so spent at the beach to get some fresh air, some In n Out Burgers, and excellent down and chill time with the lovely Kasey Kelly,  I know nothing more grand.  Maybe bathing in milk being massaged by angels while being fed grapes or better yet bacon would be better but that's besides the point.  I am a mere mortal gazing upon the blessed sight that is Kasey.  Enjoy the feast ladies and gents.

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