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Life Shenanigans

Life Shenanigans

Lets go for a drive


I for one am not a stranger for long drives.  Long road trips are my jive.  A week or two on the road, camping, venturing out to places I've never been, keeps me goin. Few months ago my buddy and I planned out to chase waterfalls all throughout the Pacific North West.  We 're not into TLC so we heed their warning and chased waterfalls.  It's a week long endeavor from SoCal to Washington State.  Lots of miles, lots of driving, lots of stupid ass fun.

This is part one of many.

We started heading out from Ventura, CA towards the beautiful and scenic Big Sur.  Initially our plan is drive up to Yosemite and see the absolute wonders California has to offer but our plans were thwarted by the wild fires ranging in Northern, California.  Big Sur tho is an amazing plan B.  We left early morning, 1:30am to be exact and headed our way so we can catch there sunrise and miss all the tourist that has stayed overnight at Big Sur.  It was a weekend so there are tourist aplenty.  Been to big sur a million times so not much has changed really, but there's always something there that you'll be in awe of.  This, is one of them.


As we get to Big Sur we were greeted by the fog and the moon setting.  It was a surreal sight as we cross up and down the hill, over and under the fog.  We decided to just drive up an access road and just have the whole fog way under us and be greeted by the clear sky and stars and the setting moon.  It was an unbelievable and a rarity for us city folks. 


A Big Sur trip wouldn't be complete without a glimpse of the famous McWay Falls.  It was early enough that there was as much parking and as little people to be bothersome.  Being 'instafamous' but still an utter beauty, it draws crowds more than any other sites that are similarly as beautiful in this area.  At this hour though, being early on the crack of the morning, it was just us and a dude offering a breakfast ganja to spice up my morning.  McWay Falls is majestic as always but with the recent landslides from the past years, the viewpoint access has been closed down to the public.  Of course, the fence is only an obstacle that you can easily jump over... But it was too early to do some parkour moves especially on a Saturday morning with very minimal sleep.  


It's currently beer o'clock and I'm running late.  This doesn't even scratch the surface of our last trip.  This is merely the tip.  More on this in further post.  Cheers!




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