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Life Shenanigans

Life Shenanigans

My trip to E3 2018


Where I feel more at home than anywhere else E3 is back with more crowds and nerdy sweat.  Now open to public, it draws more crowds than it used to, naturally, but not as much as all the other nerdy expos.  It is in a world on it's own and I'm glad to be a resident.

For the last several years I've been going to E3 courtesy of my homies from Sony Santa Monica Studios.  This year is nothing different.  It was a perfect day outside with a nice warm 80 degree Los Angeles weather and a bunch of nerd sweat beading on a lot of people's foreheads.  Safe to say, I am home.

Didn't really stay for a long time.  I got there after the public was let in.  A 3 hour time after the doors were open to industry nerds which made everything five times more crowded.  A perfect time for me to get there.  Seriously, after all these years, it's the first time I have ever stood in line for more than 5 minutes to pick up my badge.  Felt like standing for an amusement park ride.  It was organized and it moved fast though so I'll give them that.  Can't really complain.  I was entertained by watching people playing their Nintendo Switch while in line as I was throwing poke balls at Pokemon that manifests on my phone.  Like I said, I was home.

There was so much going on this year and the major companies didn't even announce any new hardware.  This year was mostly focused on games.  There's a few major ones announced by Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo.  Halo 6 (XBOX ONE X), Last of Us 2 (Playstation 4), and Super Smash Brothers (Nintendo Switch) to name a few.  You can view all this on YouTube and they are amazing.  Especially Last of US 2.  Wasn't really able to play any of them since most titles are mere trailers with no playable demos as of yet but big names like the new Spiderman game on the PS4 and the new Forza horizon are playable given the hours of wait.  More lines = me not even gonna attempt to do so.  Just pretty much walked around with a couple of my friends from the Gran Turismo franchise, since the game is out and they have no obligations to have a booth this year, and met up with a few friends working on some of the booths in the convention.  I did have my camera with me with the plan on capturing some awesome photos, but that was just an idea my lazy ass would not follow up to.  All I did was went to E3 and play tag with Zombies.  Anyhooo, here's some photos of some sweaty dudes.


Not trying to do an event coverage or anything.  By all means, this is barely content.  I just call this a Tuesday.  Wanted to hang out with good friends and of course by the end of it all, good whiskey.  Can't beat that.  Oh.. and here's the McLaren Senna.

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