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Life Shenanigans

Life Shenanigans

Cafe Hangs with Kasey Kelley


An instagram message, a text, and a random meme is all it takes.  A simple, "Hey! Check this out." of a forwarded photo from a instagram.  This triggers an effect where Kasey and I    gets fueled to create new things.  Kasey has been one of my oldest friends and my often go to to create stuff.

This day we met up at our friend's shop, Harvest Cave, located in Ventura, CA.  Such a nice and chill spot with an amazing staff and a much more amazing food and drinks.  To my surprise, not really I    had a preview, Kasey went back on the lighter side of things.  Hair wise of course.  Not at a goth level tho but pretty close.  Gone with the black and back to the auburney, blondish, reddish, hair which actually works so much better than the previous hair style.  It shows her face more and it's a lot more toned down and it just fits her perfectly.

All it took was literally 15 -20 mins for us to get these shots.  Doesn't take much really, we just flow perfectly.  The rest is just us goofing off.  It takes her so much energy to look serious though because it's not in her personality to be that.  She is indeed a great actress.  She makes everything she does look easy.  This is Kasey Kelley.  And this is her natural habitat.  Just add pizza...

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