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Life Shenanigans

Life Shenanigans

The day the Reckers came to town


It's amazing how souther California weather works out.  You plan a swimsuit shoot with someone in the middle of winter, and it's totally fine.  The day might bring a little bit of fog but that just adds drama to whatever majestic being flaunting their style and grace in front of my camera.  Excuse me since I  babble most of the time and use words that seems like story book languages to extend my point.  But this is the story of how I    was lucky enough to spend the day with an old friend.

It's been long since planned to work with Nicole.  Ive known her since teenage years, hers, and not in a creepy disgusting way of course.  She's more like a little sister.  She's 'Fam' with inside jokes and good memories to back them up.  We've been working on and off for some time now.  Mostly car related as part of the automotive wrecking crew known as Auto Concept Elite dominating the car show scene since 2005.  Damn, that dates me.  That totally dates me.  It's been long since planned, like I     said to have a proper photoshoot with this dude or miss lady... we're way to casual to use proper nouns really.

Initially the plan was just from a chill location, a cafe, my home studio, some low key location.  Graciously enough, the good people of WET Swimwear ( provided me with some swimsuits for us to use.  It was in the middle of post holiday season ... errr ... season so the weather could be a little shady as well as the that infamous holiday figure.  I    mean, this is southern California we're talking about, and also, the the fit and furious, Nicole Marie Reckers.

After the sharp rocks, multiple suits, and random onlookers, It was a pretty successful shoot that is later on celebrated with a couple of pints from one of my favorite local breweries, Topa-Topa, and some intimidating but absolutely amazing asada nachos from a food truck that to this day, Nicole is still craving.  Open invitation fam.  Let's do this again!

Again, thank you to WET Swimwear,, for letting us shoot with their amazing line.  More projects with them coming this summer.  Excited and I     can't wait what we have in store.

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