My vision. Come see it with me.

Artist Bio



Brian Filoteo is a freelance photographer and graphic artist, who was born in the Philippines but raised in the United States. His artisan eye and knack for capturing unique perspectives are vastly influenced by his diverse background. Brian started his journey into photography in the automotive arena, which not only gave him valued experience but facilitated the passion for pursuing what truly called to his fulfillment, creating works of art that pushed boundaries and inspired all. It was then he ventured into fashion, product, landscapes and architecture photography, to name a few. Brain's work has been published locally as well as internationally in various magazines and publications.

Dedicated to expanding his skills and knowledge, Brian is always creating art that will not only captivate the viewer but tells a story we can hardly resist. Passionate, dedicated, edgy, and revolutionary are words that come to mind when peering through the lens that Brian so beautifully focuses for us. He is an artisan whose heart and creativity bleeds onto the canvas of his masterpieces, his photography. In his own words, "There is greatness in everything and I dedicate my work to show everyone this simple fact.  No matter what it is, who or where you are from, there is an exquisite beauty within. If you can't see it, I'll see it for you and show you."